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A two-part installation, including

re-railing existing treehouse platform


  • Playhouse twin towers design

  • 1.5m platform height

  • First tower 1.4 x 1.6m area

  • Second tower 1.1 x 0.8m area

  • Over 1.8m height inside playhouse

  • 3mm clear acrylic window

  • Braced door with hardwood

  • Unique 1.3m V-shaped rope bridge

  • Hand-knotted rope ladder

  • Hardwood dowel ladder

  • Green HDPE Slide

  • Over-the-top climbing wall, with central polyhemp grab rope

  • Lower den play area

  • New railing to treehouse platform

  • Green HDPE spiral slide

  • Hand-knotted rope & hardwood rung scramble combo ladder

  • Monkey bars, hardwood rungs

  • Dual swingset, with trapeze bar

  • Stainless steel fireman's pole

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